2012 - End End End EP

by Phooey!

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Recorded at home, mostly during july/august of 2012.


released August 23, 2012

Pretty much everything was done by Nikita O.




Phooey! Озерное, Ukraine

it's the same thing, over and over again

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Track Name: Laughter Guns
You have stopped, the world is turning
Run, while they have turned their backs to you
Smile, while everything is burning
Shoot your laughter guns at ones that mess with you

You're never listening, never learning
You never understand what they expect of you
Just another monday morning
Just another stupid day that soon'll be through

Well, I can't see no flowers growing
I can't see no happiness inside of you
Can't you tell me where we're going?
Can't you tell me what exactly I must do?
Track Name: Do
I'm standing by the black picket-fence
I'm staring at the place where it all ends
And I don't know what to do

I got a pack of cigarettes
I want to smoke but I haven't yet
And I don't know what to do

And everyone says I'm wasting time
All I can think of is "when I'll die?"
And I don't know what to do

Gotta tear all the shit we've grown
All that I need is to let you know
Still, I don't know what to do

Roots grab loose straps
We're trapped inside this gap
Take a nap in my lap
Put your dough in my burlap
Get in time, do the time
For the crime of your mind
Spacemen kill, grandma's ill
She will die, sun will shine
You wanna come
You wouldn't come

Bring your friends, come along
Kill your TV, smash your phone
You're too old, old to change
You can't make yourself more strange
Starve to death
Track Name: Teenage Kids
Teenage kids are hard to please
You and me, we both hate tears
Your red lips are jellyfish
I make funny sounds

It's so cool to make new friends
Turns out no one understands
You don't travel many lands
Instead, you die alone

Never broke a single bone
Now I sit here all alone
I don't have a room to grow
And my teeth are rotten
Track Name: Words
Do you like me? Yes, you do.
That's why you hurt me, that's why it pains so much
Still, you deserve to be loved as much as anyone else
I make mistakes and such, it's so cool to touch

Stones don't hurt me
And I don't really care for your words
Track Name: Tonite
I tag along though you might hurt me
Every single place on Earth is you
What else can I do?

I can't believe you're so naive
And you don't know what you believe in so
Lets take a ride tonight

I've never felt so bad so please
Why don't you set my mind at ease, friend
You're only one who can

Look out for monsters in the shadows
As I see your past unravel I
Want you more and more
Track Name: By The Hand
Everybody get around to see him bleed
We are bored and we got so much time to kill

Decomposed possessions, couples in the rain
Dying is so easy with no God to gain

If I shed my skin on these rocks
Will there ever be some flowers?
Can your big bombs and your missiles
Compensate my weak man powers
Everybody is so perfect, everybody is so special
I am waiting for right person, come and take me by the hand

Everybody get around to watch him die
He's on time with needle sticking in his eye
Track Name: Dear Daughter
Dear Daughter,
house is yours, the landlord's gone
Water's blinking in the sun
No other.
All these times and all the ghosts
You are bringing to the coast

And I can't forget what we've done together
Are we still talking?
And you want to leave all these things forever
Left unspoken
Promise broken.

Bad weather
You've decided not to stop
You regret all you decisions
They gather
They enjoy the violent ends
You fall in and out of trance

And I can't forget what we've done together
Are we still talking?
And you want to leave all these things forever
Left unspoken
Promise broken.