2012 - Girl Songs EP

by Phooey!

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Some songs on this EP were recorded in december of 2011, but most of them were recorded in august of 2012. As the title suggests, all songs here are girl-related, pathetic and dumb.


released September 26, 2012




Phooey! Озерное, Ukraine

it's the same thing, over and over again

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Track Name: Awesome Girl
Awesome girl, you're so awesome
Now you've came into blossom
Every time I have dreams
You are in there somewhere

Awesome girl, don't be so tough
Don't leave me without your love
Can't you tell me at least
Why have you gone away

Awesome Girl I am missing
Other girls I am kissing
Buried deep in my mind
You will always be there
You are in there somewhere
You will always be there
You are in there somewhere
Track Name: Don't Leave Me
Don't leave me
Don't leave me, girl

Don't leave me
Don't leave me, alone

Don't leave me to cry
Don't leave me to die

But I'm alright, I fell no pain
I've changed my life, I've changed my name
Well, I'm alright, I'm moving faster
You're out of sight
And I'm ready to face any disaster
Track Name: Nobody Likes Me
I've tried to dress much better
Wore jackets, jeans and feathers
But nobody likes me, still

Tried to listen, what they're saying
I showed concern and not dismay
But nobody likes me, still

What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with me?
Am I ugly, am I stupid, won't you tell me

I've tried to talk much clever
But I've stayed the loneliest ever person
And nobody likes me, still

Hey, is this someone's joke and
It's hard for a man to live heatbroken
But nobody likes me, still

I hope when I'll put out this record
Things gonna change for better
And if they not, I'd rather kill
Track Name: Broken Cups
I'm in love for the first time
and I think I can't get enough
All these people just pass by
Drinking coffee from broken cups

And I know it's just another day
With nothing good for us to say
'Cause everytime we end up wanting more

And I guess it's just another day
An autumn's sun, a summer's rain
Will clear the traces of the perfect girl
Track Name: Sixteen Once Again
It's raining cats and dogs on our street
We're in the barrel of the gun
Well, I can barely stay on my feet
And I know, I never wanna see the sun

Do you remember how you've spoke your mind
I was the only one who've heard
Yeah, we've been traveling for a while now
And it's time for us to leave this road

We both have lost in this game

As if I've buried someone that I know
I've buried part of me for sure
And in our hands we've held our dying love
And we knew, we can never find the cure

Next time I'll see you, tell me that you're fine
I'll try to tell you just the same
I don't know what to do now with my life
Feels like I'm 16 once again

We both have lost in this game

It seems that you can't ever be my wife
So I guess that no one will ever can
I'm sitting in the bath tub with my knife
And I know I'll never love again
Track Name: Nothing
I have broke my mind
I am lost in the rain, waiting for time to caught up

Nothing is ever right
I can't see the truth, think I'm going blind

Should be dreaming of you
But that's never the case
Giving up is so easy
You're something I cannot chase

Now I'm feeling so down
I'm losing my sleep
I am tired and I'm empty
They say that I'm in too deep

I won't ever change
Hope you're happy now, you can have your revenge

We blew it all away
We're getting murdered by things we never say
Track Name: Over
River deep and mountain high
Which is what I'll always be
And I cannot make you see

I've always been a lonely guy
Always walking empty streets
Never talking to them creeps

But when I'm home and I'm alone
And you are there inside my dreams
I hold you close and for your clothes
You rip them over